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PPCT Services
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Intrapersonal Services

Mindfulness Classes

Life Coaching

PPCT extends opportunities to compassionately meet, greet, welcome       and gently unpack the ever-evolving dimensions of SELF.

PPCT utilizes collaborative strategies such as the group experience to explore educational information, as well as offering developmental and relational guidance through topic-specific webinars, books and workshops.




PPCT partnerships will stimulate powerful conversations to unblock and encourage you to overcome specific personal, parenting and career obstacles by examining what is going on for you, right now.


PPCT Consulting Partners

Consultant. Trainer. Coach.
Managing Director, Principal Consultant

Tyona McGee-Ezeilo is a developmental consultant, trainer, mindfulness teacher, Ayurveda practitioner, life coach, book lover, and clinical social worker in the state of Florida with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Born in New York and educated through her first year of college in the states of NY, NH and NJ, she has served the south Florida community as a social worker since 2002.

Tyona is a wife of 20+ years, a mother of four beautifully diverse teen and adult children. She is a trained home health aide, patient care assistant and former Certified Nurse Assistant in the state of Florida. Since 2008, Tyona has been a caregiver/health care coordinator for an adult parent who acquired a brain injury. She "...continuously practices embracing moments of overwhelm as opportunities to reflect, discover and transform challenging experiences into more healthy, easeful living." 

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Tyona Y. McGee-Ezeilo


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Parenting Partners Consulting TYME, LLC (PPCT) is committed to consciously co-creating systems of diverse partnerships that honor an individual's uniquely powerful journey from birth to now.

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