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Individual & 
Family Counseling


Counseling is a collaborative process involving a non-judgmental, supportive mental health professional trained to provide therapeutic interventions. Counselors guide diverse individuals, families and groups in resolving personal conflicts and emotional challenges. These services will involve formal assessment and diagnosis, followed by planning the treatment of determined emotional/mental health conditions.

Parent Groups /
Reflective Supervision /
Child Development Workshops


Consulting is an advisory service that utilizes collaborative strategies, such as the group experience to provide you with educational information, as well as developmental and relational guidance. Consultants may serve you as trainers providing topic-specific webinars and workshops. You may also seek the service of our consultants as facilitators for group reflective sessions. Interested in personal consultation? Reflective supervision is offered in group or 1:1 sessions.

Parent Coaching /
Occupational Coaching


Coaches are often future-focused. They use a non-judgmental approach aimed at accessing your inner potential. Our coaches support and encourage you in the achievement of specific objectives, such as improving relationships, setting goals and defining your priorities.  Choose coaching in order to help you pursue passions and transform your own life.


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