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Creative Collaborations

Parenting Partners Consulting TYME (PPCT) began as a spark of collaborative energy! It was ignited by a passion for working with children and parents within a value-based vision which blends scientific research & theories of human development with the art of relationship-building.

PPCT services value the cyclical pleasures and struggles of the symbiotic parent-child relationship. We recognize the expansive spectrum which may weave delicate threads from normative to toxic stress. Our staff is also deeply aware of the great potential for meaningful joyous and overwhelming - moments in our lives to lead us to unconsciously create either healthy habits & relational patterns, or disruptive ones.

In a parallel process of reinforcing relational supports, PPCT’s approach integrates positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral strategies, family systems theory & cultural responsiveness with the budding fields of reflective practice & mindfulness. PPCT mixes these methods in order to accentuate & sustain critical relationships which impact the parent-child dyad. These relational supports may include family caregivers, family service providers and may also involve enhancing each individual’s relationship with their own image of self.

At PPCT, it is our work to tap into the power of relationships to:

(1) help individuals recognize their abundant strengths and (2) nurture the healthy growth of the developing family system through the skillful co-construction of creative collaborations.

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