About Us

Parenting Partners Consulting TYME (PPCT) engages children, parents, families & community members blending scientific research and theories of human development with the art of relationship-building.

PPCT services value the cyclical pleasure/struggle of the symbiotic parent-child relationship.

Our staff recognizes how meaningful moments in all our lives may to lead us to unconsciously create healthy habits & relational patterns or disruptive ones.

It is due to our awareness of the power of relationships, that PPCT reinforces relational supports. These relational supports may include family caregivers, family service providers and may also involve enhancing each individual’s relationship with their own image of self.

Integrating approaches such as positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral strategies, family systems theory, strengths perspective and cultural responsiveness with developmental knowledge, motivational interviewing and mindfulness practices, we focus on accentuating & sustaining critical relationships which can impact a child’s development, the experience of parenting and the health of the parent-child relationship.

Each PPCT service aims to:
(1) help individuals recognize their abundant strengths.
(2) nurture the healthy growth of the developing family system through the enhancement of self-awareness & the co-construction of collaborative partnerships.